A week in Unterfranken

Unterfranken is a part of the northern area of Bavaria, Germany.

Bad Kissingen

Kaffe und Kuchen bei Mama

Coffee and homemade cake at my Mom’s

Sculptured tree in Stangenroth

Snow on the top of the Kreuzberg

And so many flowers on the way …

Easter decorations in Stangenroth

Evening in the Luitpoldpark in Bad Kissingen

Ready for a new day and amazing discoveries with Inoui.

Visit of Hammelburg

Kissinger Strasse

Obere Stadtmauer

Coffee and cake


Am Marktplatz


Attention : if you see me, it’s too late!


And we continue in small romantic roads until the small village Morlesau

Next stop was the romantic village of  Gräfendorf

Another stop in Gemünden where the river Sinn joins the river Saale.

Time for a treat 

Now that we are revived, we are ready to climb up to the remainings of the ancient fortress Scherenburg

Bats are welcome in the Scherenburg

On the road back home we discover the lovely valley of the river Sinn and its wild lilies. Imagine thousands of lilies covering the meadows.


Look 24042017

Look today. It’s still cold. I keep my leopard coat by Mango on!

Scarf found on Wish. I like the music pattern. It’s funny.

The pencil skirt is from Wish too.

Flat shoes from a Parisian shop on Rue de Rivoli.

Blouse by Uniclo.

Red jacket by Mango too.

Bag by Justfab.

Necklace : Mirina Collection

Blueberry cheesecake

This cake needs no oven, just a fridge.

What you need :

3 boxes of fresh cheese Philadelphia 

300g yoghurt

Stevia instead of sugar

Fruits of your choice

Three layers of smooth dough

Cream for the whipped cream


Start by preparing the gelatin : mix one bag with 4 teaspoons of water and wait for 10 min

Meanwhile, you can mix the Philadelphia cheese, yoghurt and sugar in a bowl. You can add a teaspoon of fruit juice to colour the mixture.

It’s very handy to use your dog to clean the containers!

Heat the gelatin in adding 4 spoons of juice. When it’s all liquid, add it to your cheese-yoghurt mixture and stir.

Add the fruit.

Your mixture is ready to be topped on the first dough layer. Be careful to tighten the metallic pastry circle before adding the cream. Top the first layer with half of the cream. Then add the second layer and add the remaining cream. 

Leave the cake in the fridge for at least 3 hours. Put the cream for the whipped in cream in the fridge too. Don’t forget to put the bowl which will serve to prepare the whipped cream into the freezer. 

When the cake is ready. Prepare your whipped cream. Add a teaspoon of red juce for colouring and put the cream on the last layer. Top it with chocolate sprinkles.